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Specialists in Intermodal Transport

We all want a more sustainable transport, to reduce our carbon footprint.

That is why since 2017, hand in hand with our most conscientious customers, we started to develop an Intermodal Transport service, complementing the "Short Sea Shipping" service.

What is Intermodal Transport?

It is the transport in which different modes of transport come into play, such as road and rail or road and ship.

It is carried out either with containers or with Mobile Boxes, which are like containers but instead of being made of closed metal, they have the sides and the roof of sliding canvas (like the "tautliner" type trailers), which allows loading/unloading, both from above and from the sides, something that cannot be done with containers.

Sacytrans has Mobile Boxes for intermodal transport (road-rail), with the added particularity of being also Mobile Boxes for reel-carrying.

Eight advantages of Intermodal Transport managed by Sacytrans

  • Emission reduction
    Average savings of 0.85Kgs of CO2 per kilometer not traveled by road.
  • Ecological and economic benefits
    Due to the reduction of emissions and European bonus policies.
  • Increased load capacity
    Intermodal transport is allowed to carry a maximum weight of 42 Tns, which allows us to load 2 Tns more in each trip.
  • Less handling
    By loading directly into the swap body and arriving at the destination in the same swap body, the handling of goods is reduced by half compared to multimodal transport.
  • Decongest highways of trucks
    And avoid traffic jams and traffic bans.
  • Increases safety
    Less susceptible to breakage and theft and, therefore, to claims.
  • Transport of specific goods
    We have mobile boxes for the transport of steel coils in cradles incorporated in the floor of the mobile box.
  • Traceability
    The merchandise will be totally controlled, with a traceability from the moment it leaves until it arrives at its destination.

Today Sacytrans can offer its customers an intermodal transport service, wherever the railway nfrastructures allow us to do so, being our specialty the Atlantic axis between the South of Holland and the Iberian Peninsula.

Thus we handily cover the following routes:

  • North of France - South of France

  • North of France - Spain
  • North of France - Portugal
  • Belgium - South of France
  • Belgium - Spain
  • Belgium - Portugal
  • South Holland - South France
  • South Holland - Spain
  • South Holland - Portugal