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Management and bonded warehousing

Sacytrans is located less than 500 m. from the border, so we found it very advantageous to have a part of the warehouse dedicated to bonded warehousing.

What does this mean for customers who export or import goods?

With a single operator, the customer can manage the transport and all the necessary documentation for customs clearance without entering customs, and store the goods if the final recipient does not need them or if the sale is not completed, as if they were in customs.

What are the advantages for the customer?

In addition to the fact that a single operator controls the entire logistical process, they can leave the goods in storage until they need to make the final delivery, pushing the payment of VAT and duties inherent to the product until its final sale.  Goods can be sold gradually, meaning it is not compulsory to sell goods on an all-or-nothing basis, but rather to adapt them to current demand.

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