SACYTRANS, is a company that provides global transport services and customs management of the highest quality while identifying the best solutions for each client in an active and personalized way and anticipating their needs and providing creative and innovative solutions.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency drives us towards the permanent pursuit of excellence.

At SACYTRANS we believe excellence is built based on the following pillars which make up our management policy:

  • Plan, execute and evaluate the processes of the company with an approach to integrated risk management and to the commitment to the continuous improvement of the processes and management system.
  • Generate in the people of the company a feeling of belonging to a shared project through spaces that stimulate their commitment and participation while working to achieve satisfaction and motivation through human development and professional growth in a pleasant and safe work environment.
  • Orient the organization towards customers by making a differential contribution in value.
  • Meet client requirements and expectations while achieving continued satisfaction.
  • Comply with legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
  • Achieve satisfactory results for different interest groups in a sustained and balanced manner based on ethical principles and social responsibility.
  • Guarantee the protection and improvement of the health and safety conditions of the company’s employees.
  • Work to achieve more sustainable road transport from an environmental point of view.

Management is aware that the above cannot be achieved without the participation of all people in the continuous improvement of quality. Therefore, management assumes leadership personally while promoting teamwork and committing to develop a culture that enables the participation of all people in the common project of organization.

It will also ensure that these principles are known and understood by all persons of the company and other stakeholders, as well as in deploying policy in annual objectives.

Antxotxipi 17 - ZAISA III
20305 Irún (Gipuzkoa) - SPAIN
CIF: :B-20179040

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