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Increased security in intermodal transport

Increased security in intermodal transport

Security in road transport is one of the most concerning aspects for professional drivers, as they frequently report being victims of theft during their journeys. These incidents often occur in unguarded parking lots or when drivers are forced to stop by the roadside to rest due to the lack of available monitored parking lots at night.

The situation becomes even more complicated near large cities, where organized gangs find greater opportunities to act. In addition to frequent diesel thefts, these groups of 2 or 3 individuals attack trucks while the drivers sleep. They may use knives to cut through the trailer's tarpaulin to check the type of merchandise being transported, and if they find anything valuable, they proceed with the theft while the driver, at risk of being assaulted, can do nothing to stop them.

Advantages of intermodal transport over road transport

Intermodal transport offers a secure and efficient solution to security issues. In this model, the mobile container is loaded within a radius of about 150 kilometres from the station, meaning that the merchandise arrives without the need to spend the night on the road.

Railway stations are protected by fences and surveillance systems, ensuring the integrity of the cargo during its stay. During the train journey, thefts are virtually nonexistent. Upon arrival at the destination station, the merchandise is unloaded and stored securely until a driver picks it up for final delivery.

Reduction of accidents in intermodal transport

In addition to improving security against thefts, intermodal transport reduces the risk of traffic accidents. As road trips are limited to short distances, the probability of accidents decreases proportionally. This method eliminates approximately 900 km of road transport, reducing exposure to road risks. Therefore, intermodal transport emerges as a viable and effective option for enhancing the safety and efficiency of goods transported by professional drivers and the transported merchandise, thus increasing the guarantee of reaching the destination without incidents.

Sacytrans, international intermodal transport

Sacytrans, known for its experience and low accident rate, has become a trusted carrier for international clients who choose it as their logistics provider in Spain. The company offers global logistics solutions such as transporting steel coils between Spain and Belgium or palletized merchandise to France, combining experience, infrastructure, and an intermodal approach.

Sacytrans' investments in green technology and its commitment to operational efficiency demonstrate a solid commitment to the evolution of the logistics sector towards a more sustainable and competitive future. This dedication to innovation and sustainability reinforces its position as a market leader and a strategic ally for companies seeking secure and efficient logistics solutions.

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