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Sacytrans as an international transport agency: the bonded warehouse, a driver of logistical efficiency

Sacytrans as an international transport agency: the bonded warehouse, a driver of logistical efficiency

Sacytrans s.l. has logistics and international trade in its DNA. It was born in 1988 from the customs agency founded mainly by a customs broker, an exporting entrepreneur and a young engineer. 

Before the creation of the European Single Market in 1993, goods did not move freely within the European Economic Union but were subject to customs control, something unimaginable today. Border controls within Europe for the movement of people and goods meant that until 1993, customs agencies were an indispensable service for European and international trade.

Thirty years later, customs duties on imports and exports and taxes having equivalent effects between Member States are prohibited.

But the world has become globalised, and Europe is the largest exporter of services and manufactured goods and the largest market for the exports of some 80 countries.

For all these reasons Sacytrans s.l. continues to offer its clients a customs service, and its facilities include a Temporary Warehouse (ADT).

What is a Bonded Warehouse, ADT, and what advantages does it bring to international trade?

An ADT warehouse is a place authorised by the customs authorities to store non-EU goods awaiting customs clearance. In the case of the ADT, they can be held for a maximum of 90 days. It is the place, therefore, where non-cleared goods are stored. We will, therefore, function as a place of passage until the final destination is decided.

What is the main advantage for the importer/exporter?

Cost savings, since the time goods spend in ports, for example, is significantly reduced, with all the costs that this entails.

  • Suspension of customs duties while the goods are in the temporary storage warehouse.
  • No internal EEEI or VAT is levied on them either.
  • Improved delivery times and financing in international trade.
  • In our case, we provide a complete service by being able to organise the logistics once the goods have left the warehouse

As a bonded warehouse, we also have obligations to fulfil:

  • Communicate to Customs the entry/departure of any goods under ADT
  • To keep the goods in safe custody with the utmost diligence
  • Have it clearly identified
  • Goods in temporary storage may not be manipulated unless authorised by Customs.
  • Properly keep accounting records of all movements of goods under ADT
  • Comply with all the requirements demanded by the authorities in this type of warehouse

Sacytrans, intermodal transport agency

Sacytrans, renowned for its experience and low accident rate, has become a trusted carrier for many international clients who choose it as their logistics provider in Spain. In addition, it offers efficient logistics solutions in transporting steel coils between Spain and Belgium, combining experience, infrastructure and intermodal approach.

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