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Sacytrans in Cadena SER: carbon footprint and intermodal sustainability

Sacytrans in Cadena SER: carbon footprint and intermodal sustainability

Hoy por Hoy Irun of Cadena SER has counted on Sacytrans to share all the details about the project of calculation and registration of the carbon footprint in which seven companies of the Bidasoa region have actively participated over nine months. Coordinated by the city councils of Irun and Hondarribia through Bidasoa Activa, this initiative focused, in addition to calculating the carbon footprint, on developing improvement plans that reflect the present and future sustainable commitment of the region and the companies that operate in it, including Sacytrans.

Bidasoa Activa and the Carbon Footprint

Throughout the nine months of the project, Cauchopren, Conatec Sal, Deco Didheya, Railtek Ingeniería Industrial, Sacytrans, Sellex, and Zubelzu have immersed themselves in the calculation of their carbon footprint and the corresponding management granted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO). During all these weeks, the nine corporations have been accompanied and advised by the consultancy ADOS Sustainability and Climate, who have focused on the calculation of emissions and on adapting to climate change from a business perspective.

The improvement plans developed during this period seek immediate reductions in emissions through actions related to energy efficiency and mobility and take into account other cross-cutting aspects of business practice, such as the gender perspective

Intermodal sustainability: Registration with the Ministry of Ecological Transition

The joint effort of Bidasoa activa, ADOS Sostenibilidad y Clima, has successfully registered Sacytrans's carbon footprint, which accredits its efforts in measuring and reducing its environmental impact

This project has not only been an achievement in business sustainability but has also provided SMEs in the Bidasoa Region with tangible tools to lead the fight against climate change. Active Bidasoa's vision and the participating companies' dedication have laid the foundations for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future in the region. 

Listen to the full interview with Sofía Isasi and Marialui García from Hoy por Hoy Irun from minute 11:30 onwards.

Sacytrans, sustainable intermodal transport

Sacytrans, from its work in international intermodal transport, is outlining a promising horizon for the transport of goods with tools such as investments in green technology and a commitment to operational efficiency, which not only shows its commitment to the evolution of the logistics sector but also reinforces its position as a critical player in the construction of a more sustainable and competitive future.

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