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SACYTRANS reduces carbon footprint with self-consumption of energy

SACYTRANS S.L. the road to energy self-consumption

Sacytrans, an international transport company, wants to contribute to lower CO2 emissions by saving energy. With a 2,500m² warehouse, a workshop and a gas station, the annual energy consumption in 2022 was 91,575Kwh. With the conversion of the electricity mix published by the CNMC for 2022, this consumption represents an environmental impact of 25,000 kg of CO2.

If we add to this the fact that the price per kWh consumed doubled, we decided, in line with our carbon footprint reduction policy, to install solar panels.

Photovoltaic panels to reduce our carbon footprint

Taking advantage of the fact that the roof of the building was ideal, well oriented and flat, we asked two companies specialized in the installation of solar panels for a study. After analyzing both of them, we decided to choose a nearby company, because we also believe that proximity is an asset.

The study deduced that it was necessary to install 134 solar panels to provide us with a total power of 60Kw.

SACYTRANS S.L. the road to energy self-consumption

Energy production, consumption and self-consumption

With the energy generated we were going to achieve self-consumption between 45-50% depending on the time of the year, and to discharge to the network a surplus of 55-50%, which we would sell to the electric company.

After two months with the installations already at full performance, and thanks to the monitoring provided by the installation company, we have a real time control of all the data of the installation by hours, days, months... which indicates both the energy produced by the panels, the energy we self-consume, the surplus we have at times of high production (hours of high radiation) and the need to import energy at other times.

So that in this real graph of 07/03/2023 it is clearly seen that on 07/03/2023 Sacytrans produced an energy of 420.54Kwh, of which 226.79 Kwh were self-consumed and exported the rest of the energy 193.75Kwh.

But at the same time Sacytrans needed for its activity on 03/07 295.37 Kwh, it took advantage of the 226.79Kwh of the installation, but there were times when it had to import energy because the installation of the panels did not provide it, exactly it imported 68.58Kwh, 23.2% of the energy it consumed between 00.00 of the day 03/07 and 20.00h. Everything is reflected in your computer, cell phone, tablet... thanks to the monitoring of the operation of the installation.

We believe that the economic effort has been worth it.

SACYTRANS S.L. the road to energy self-consumption

SACYTRANS S.L. the road to energy self-consumption

SACYTRANS S.L. the road to energy self-consumption

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