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Specialists in steel coil transportation

22 February 2021
Specialists in steel coil transportation

Since its beginnings, around 1990, Sacytrans has specialized in the transport of steel coils. For this purpose, it had to incorporate "coil-carrying cradles" in its trailers.

Today is the day that the 50 semi-trailers that we have are all "tautliner type coil carriers". As can be seen in the first photo, they are normal trailers to load any merchandise and when it is necessary to load coils, the covers are lifted and they are like in the second photo, with the cradles arranged to secure the coils during their transport.

Transporte de bobinasTransporte de bobinas

This type of trailers are much safer and are ideal for loading steel coils. This is also due to the use of vertical posts to prevent the coils from sliding forward in case of any braking during the route.

When we started with Intermodal Transport, it occurred to us to make the swap bodies also coil carriers, being one of the few European carriers that have this type of swap bodies.

Thanks to this, today we have many important customers who use both trailers and swap bodies to transport steel coils, by road or intermodal with Sacytrans.

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