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The CNTC meets with the Ministry of Transport to discuss improvements in the freight transport sector

Sacytrans, international intermodal transport

The Freight Department of the National Road Transport Committee met with the Minister for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Oscar Puente, the Secretary of State, José Antonio Santano, and their respective teams at a meeting held on February 7 at the premises of the Ministry of Transport.

Crucial issues for the road freight transport sector were discussed within the framework of this meeting. The problems that motivated this meeting were already on the agenda for this year and had also been the subject of previous meetings. Concerns presented by the CNTC 一 in its Spanish acronymー included the shortage of professional drivers, decarbonization, improving the transport chain law and the sector's digitalisation, among others. All of these are to set priorities and specify a work schedule that will contribute to continuing to take firm and practical steps towards the common goal of effectively addressing the challenges faced by freight forwarders.

The Minister has expressed his commitment to continue with the open and constant dialogue during the previous legislature, assuming the pledges made with the CNTC to improve the sector's situation.

Sacytrans supports the open dialogue to improve the transport sector.

The CNTC continues to work in the open negotiation process with the Ministry without supporting any mobilization of carriers and always seeking to ensure the best conditions for both companies and professionals that make up the transport network. GUITRANS, the association representing transport in Gipuzkoa, of which Sacytrans is a member and a member of FITRANS, supports the position adopted by the CNTC to continue with the negotiation process.

Sacytrans, international intermodal transport

Sacytrans, recognized for its experience and low accident rate, has become a reliable carrier for many international customers who choose it as their logistics provider in Spain. It also offers international logistics solutions for goods such as transporting steel coils between Spain and Belgium, combining experience, infrastructure and an intermodal approach. Its investments in green technology and its commitment to operational efficiency demonstrate a solid commitment to the evolution of the logistics sector towards a more sustainable and competitive future.

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