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Sacytrans and eleven other industrial companies in Irun immerse themselves in the art of data management

Sacytrans, empresa de transporte internacional, se forma en la gestión de datos

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, Sacytrans joined eleven other companies from the industrial sector in Irun to immerse themselves in a specialised course in data management organised by Bidasoa Activa, as reported in El Diario Vasco. This initiative was guided by educators from Mondragon Unibertsitatea, who guided the different companies to achieve controlled and efficient data management in each case.

"For us at Sacytrans, this course has been a real boost", acknowledged the intermodal transport company's managers. "Although we already had the tools to collect data, we still lacked the knowledge to analyse it and maximise its potential.

The president of Bidasoa Activa, Miguel Ángel Páez, stressed the importance of effective data management to improve the profitability and efficiency of business projects. This course, the second kind, responded to a growing demand in the business world.

Belén Muñiz, coordinator of research and transfer in data science at Mondragon Unibertsitatea, led the training with a practical and action-oriented approach. "We feel empowered to apply the knowledge acquired and enhance our projects with data science tools," concluded Martínez enthusiastically.

Sacytrans, present and future in international intermodal transport

Sacytrans is opening new horizons in international freight transport thanks to its focus on intermodal transport. Its commitment to the evolution of the logistics sector is reflected in its investments in green technology and its quest for operational efficiency. These initiatives demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and strengthen its role as a crucial player in building a more competitive and environmentally friendly future.

With more than three decades of experience, Sacytrans has been involved in many projects, from humanitarian operations to the logistics of large shopping centres and sustainable housing projects. 


In business terms, Sacytrans' future horizon is focused on intermodal transport, with expansion plans in France, Belgium, and Germany. The company is firmly determined to become a benchmark in environmentally friendly transport.

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