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Sacytrans in Grupo SPRI: evolution and achievements in intermodal transport

Sacytrans, international intermodal transport, in SPRI Group

SPRI Group, the Basque Agency for Business Development, has recently highlighted in its blog the evolution and achievements of SacytransSacytrans in an article under the title "Sacytrans focuses its efforts on intermodal transport by rail in its commitment to sustainability" a retrospective from the beginning in the 1980s to the present day.

The beginnings of Sacytrans

The history of Sacytrans goes back to its beginnings as a customs agency when the movement of goods was heavily regulated. With market liberalization imminent in 1993, Sacytrans envisioned transforming itself into an international full-truckload transport operator. Under the leadership of its managers, Sofia Isasi and Jose Fuentes, Sacytrans ventured into uncharted territory with the backing of a solid base of industrial and exporting clients.

Sacytrans: international intermodal transport

Today, as analyzed by the SPRI Group, Sacytrans continues to be a benchmark as a bonded warehouse and expert in customs clearance for exports and imports. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its facilities, a 5,000m2 logistics center, and a strategic location between Spain and France, facilitating access to major transport routes.

In addition, since 2017, Sacytrans has been implementing its intermodal transport operations in the Atlantic Corridor, which has made it necessary to overcome height restrictions to opt for the use of swap bodies, a choice that has enabled it to provide solutions to customers in various sectors, including the steel, paper, and glass industries. 

Integrating intermodal transport services, combining rail and road, has enabled Sacytrans to offer transport without additional handling while maintaining the integrity of the goods. With critical routes such as Bayonne-Paris-Dourges and Bayonne-Champigneulles, the company facilitates loads anywhere in Europe, providing trucks equipped with coil carriers to meet the specific needs of its customers.

With more than three decades of experience, Sacytrans has been involved in many projects, from humanitarian operations to the logistics of large shopping centers and sustainable housing projects.

Sustainable transport today and tomorrow

One of the hallmarks of Sacytrans is its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The company pioneered intermodal rail transport in the Basque Country, thus contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover, in collaboration with Bidasoa Activa, they have developed initiatives to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Sacytrans has signed a contract with the Belgian company ZF Transics to optimize its fleet management and reduce fuel consumption in line with its commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

The future of Sacytrans lies in intermodal transport. It has expansion plans in France, Belgium, and Germany and intends to become a benchmark in sustainable transportation.

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