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Sacytrans in the magazine Transporte XXI: expansion of intermodal transport

Sacytrans in the magazine Transporte XXI: expansion of intermodal transport

Transport specialist magazine Transporte XXI's December issue revealed Sacytrans' plans to strengthen its position in intermodal transport. The recent alliance with a French partner promises to expand its operational capacity in the railway field and to "develop a greater capacity to move swap bodies in intermodal transport", as Sacytrans states in the article published in Transporte XXI. This new alliance is a significant milestone in its intermodal strategy. A strategic move that, together with its efforts in sustainability and digitalisation, plans to transform its position in the market.

A quantum leap in rail transport

Sacytrans, an intermodal transport company from Gipuzkoa, plans to raise its rail transport share to 25% next year, a considerable increase from the current 15%. However, as they explain in this article, infrastructure challenges on the Atlantic axis have been an obstacle, limiting the capacity to use semi-trailers for P400 combined transport. Despite these challenges, the company is confident that it will be able to make the necessary investments in the future.

Commitment to sustainability and technological innovation

Sacytrans' sustainable agenda is remarkable. It has increased its intermodal transport capacity with new acquisitions and registered its carbon footprint, enabling it to offer its customers emission reduction certificates. In addition, the foray into self-consumption of electricity and digitalisation through the TX-CONNECT tool underlines its commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

Competitive advantages and operational efficiency

Sacytrans' strategic development, based on partnerships and advanced technologies, has generated notable competitive advantages in its service offering. These advantages include direct and indirect cost savings in fuel, distances, driving hours, communications, compliance with regulations, lower turnover, reduction of lost drivers, reduction of unpunctuality, as well as a boost in customer acquisition and loyalty, highlighting the integral impact of its actions in the optimisation of service and customer satisfaction.

Sacytrans, committed to sustainable transport 

Sacytrans' drive towards rail intermodality, backed by strategic alliances and a clear vision of sustainability, paints a promising horizon for freight transport, as explained in the Transportes XXI article. Its investments in green technology and its commitment to operational efficiency demonstrate a solid commitment to the evolution of the logistics sector towards a more sustainable and competitive future.

Transporte XXI Sacytrans

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